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        VIGILANT SOLUTIONS, a full-featured business software able to perform in lockstep with the evolution
    of any business including retail and wholesale, integrating "brick and mortar" with e-commerce. Point of Sale (P.O.S.), invoicing, customer relationship management, inventory control, accounting and payroll in addition to financial and general business management. Everything under control.

The need for a current and concise global view of any business; in an instant is more critical
than ever. We're confident you'll find YOUR answer here.

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    We're proud of the positive impact of our software on businesses of all sizes and types.
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                             It pays to be VIGILANT. That's a promise.

Affordable Vigilant Products

    Vigilant Solutions is Point Of Sale (POS), Sales Order and Invoicing, Inventory Control, Purchase Ordering, Back Office Accounting (Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and General Ledger), Sales History Tracking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

    For those with other, more specialized requirements, optional products are available for Bill of Materials Process Manufacturing, Job Costing, e-Commerce Integration, EDI Integration, Size/Color, Repetitive Billing, Bank Card Authorization.

Multi-Channel Selling

    Whether it's Point of Sale (POS) for over-the-counter retailing, Sales Ordering and Invoicing for telephone and mail order, wholesale and distribution sales, Repetitive Billing for contract sales and service companies, or e-Commerce interfacing to your web and EDI interfacing to take orders from those larger companies, Vigilant does it all.

Retail Point of Sale (POS)

     Selling through the traditional retail store front with Vigilant Solutions' Point of Sale (POS) will speed up service to your customers, while safeguarding inventory and cash, preserving your pricing strategies, and measuring performance from product, sales clerk, complete to store profitability.

Order Taking and Invoicing

     If you are taking telephone or mail orders, or orders from sales representatives on-the-road, Vigilant Solutions' Sales Ordering and Invoicing can be effectively used to accept the order, print picking and packing slips for the warehouse and expedite shipments. Its inventory control manages one or more warehouses, while the customer monitoring controls receivables, provides selective pricing and tracks sales history. The integrated accounting reports the overall performance of the business.

Membership and Contract Billing

     Vigilant Repetitive Billing is ideal for any business that has cyclical billing. At the pre-determined time interval, a series of invoices can be a reliable safeguard for your assets. Whether they are memberships (ie clubs) or subscriptions (ie publishers), leases or other service contracts, this billing option is a must.

Web and EDI Sales

     For those companies wishing to quickly broaden their sales and get more virtual with their selling, Vigilant Solutions has developed an e-Commerce interface for your web sales and an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration for taking orders from those larger companies.

Inventory Control and Material Requirements Management

    Take advantage of Vigilant Solutions' tight controls to safeguard your inventory assets. Keep on top of what is selling and what is not, preventing dead stock and stock-outs. Simplify inventory control and restocking. Gain the knowledge of who is buying what product. Maximize profits with data mining of this information.

     Use Viglant Solutions' Purchase Orders for effective material requirement planning, and optimize purchasing and receiving goods from vendors. Integration means up to the minute information in all areas, available immediately upon posting - inventory status, vendor history, accounts payable and general ledger.

Accounting and Financial Control

     Vigilant Solutions' integrated general ledger provides immediate security and financial control. The system, designed to conform to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Practices (GAAPP), has system controlled sequential audit numbers, no computer forced month end or year end closes, bank reconciliation, budgeting, accrual and repetitive posting and full financial reporting with Balance Sheet and Income Statements. Performance monitor available for multiple profit centers as well as divisions. Wildcard groupings can provide in depth and total infomation for analysis and strategic planning.

     Accounts Receivable within Vigilant boasts a sub-ledger for customer deposits, one for receivables only and the ability to report on consolidated results. Ability to accept overpayments, write off at time of payment receipt, calculate and present early payment discounts and generate interest charges make this module very efficient. Integration with the invoicing modules ensures that credit policy is maintained, pricing strategies are enforced and overdue accounts are held in check. Reporting easily provides information for cash flow projections, collections or marketing analysis.

     Accounts Payable within Vigilant consist of vendor deposit sub-ledger and a payables only sub-ledger, with the ability to report on the consolidated results. This allows true reporting and analysis for cash requirements and cash flow projections. Bulk processing of due invoices is available, with full control to you for selecting or suppressing items for payment. Capability of making payment for a one-time vendor, check printing, allowing interest charges posting on-the-fly and discount calculation are all included in this module.

Process Manufacturing and Job Costing

     Job shop management is important for manufacturers who do one of kind or customized production runs. They generally wish to prepare quotations, to estimate the cost of the job and then monitor the cost against actual productions costs. With this information the proper action can be taken to always ensure job profitability is maximized.

     Manufacturers who make the same article or group of products repetitively are candidates for this module. Generally they like to set up a bill of materials or list of components required to assemble the product, and to raise work orders to have the products made. When complete, raw materials are relieved from inventory and applied to finished goods. Raw materials are purchase and finished goods are produced. In carrying out this function, manufacturers have to make sure they do not miss anything or they will tie up a great deal of production capital until the short fall is filled.

Vigilant Solutions Services

Vigilant Solutions is more than a broad-based fully integrated software solutions that has evolved since 1982. Vigilant, the company, partners with its customers to provide a complete package of services. These include consulting, programming for those special needs, data transaction and implementation assistance, training and of course, on going support.

Vigilant Award Winning Support

     Vigilant Solutions' customer support team prides itself in its customer intimate approach to servicing the Vigilant members. The customer support will address any concerns relating to the purpose and funtionality of the Vigilant product. Vigilant will make every effort within their scope of expertise to assist in resolving any issue. This philosophy makes the Vigilant Customer Support Department unique in the industry by removing itself totally from the restricted, limited and impersonal "Technical Support" practices.

Why Vigilant Solutions Soars Above The Competition

     Vigilant Solutions has developed the software so that all features work seamlessly together. In a world where software companies are buying one another, it is rare to see all of these features developed and available from one company.

     All Vigilant Solutions' product integrate with the inventory control and accounting to tightly manage inventory and safeguard the business.

     No matter how the customer wishes to carry out business or what the business is... retail, wholesale, distribution, service or manufacturing, the features are available and integrated. Most satisfy the needs of only one type of customer and one type of business.

     Most of the competition provides, at best or not at all, third-party integration between the business functions; such as multiple selling methods, material requirement planning (MRP), customer relationship management (CRM) and back office accounting. Vigilant provides all this with seamless integration, making it easier to do business.

     Competitively priced and affordable for the small and medium sized business (SMB). Vigilant truly is a big business solution for a small business price.

     Vigilant Solutions' customer intimate support has been judged best in accounting packages in its class over the competition.

     Vigilant Solutions allows you to easily grow from a single location business to a multi-location enterprise through an easy transition to its sister company's Oneir Solution. For companies with more than one location, visit

Broad Features and Extensive Product Offering Is Attractive To A Wide Variety Of Business

     Vigilant Solutions provides unmatched service and software to the retail community. Proven solutions that are suitable for every sector from musical instruments and stereo equipment to hardware and home decor to clothing and footwear.

     Vigilant Sales Orders Inventory Control & Accounting software has been specifically designed and developed to address the concerns of wholesalers, distributors, mail and phone order companies - virtually any type of business requiring an order taking and fulfillment process.

     Vigilant's Sales Order with the Job Costing optional feature is an ideal software solution for many types of manufacturers, while monitoring all critical elements to effectively manage a job.

     Vigilant Solutions' Repetitive Billing is an ideal software solution for many types of service companies. These are organizations such as association, club memberships, nursing homes, companies that carry out regular maintenance, companies renting and leasing assets and companies doing meter billing. The common denominator with these companies is that they all repetitively bill their clients the same amount or for the same products and services.

     Vigilant Solutions gives franchises the ability to trade, share and centralize their information. Undoubtedly, real time updating of this company-wide information is most beneficial, providing immediate availability and feedback, keeping the delivery of products consiste
nt and under control.

     Government stores, college bookstores, museums and Vigilant Solutions are an ideal match. The needs of these retail outlets that potentially carry a wide variety of items are easily met with the flexibility of Vigilant Point of Sale (POS) and Optional Features.

     Vigilant Solution Specialists choose to implement Vigilant in their businesses as well as being their first choice for their customers. Reseller and VAR's enjoy the flexibility of Vigilant and its ease-of-use.

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