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Our vision, since 1983, has been that the future belongs to those developers who consistently develop truly flexible, full-featured business software solutions. Point of Sale (P.O.S.), accounting and inventory control software able to perform reliably in lockstep with the twists and turns inherent in the growth and evolution of any modern business.

VIGILANT is a powerhouse in business and accounting software. VIGILANT is an industry leader in retail, wholesale, distribution, mail order and manufacturing.

We provide the service and support which is unparalleled by any other software developer. Hard working, rugged and dependable, backed up by total VIGILANT service and support.

The natural world of the eagle is harsh.

Life itself is always in the balance.

Vigilance, speed, acute knowledge of your surroundings is key to survival.

The same is true of today’s business world and any business world of the future.

At VIGILANT, we choose to equate business with the realities of nature, and the struggles of magnificent creatures who have evolved, adapted to changing environments and flourished.

VIGILANT. Evolutionary software.

Inventory Control & Integrated Accounting Software by Vigilant Solutions

VIGILANT SOLUTIONS, a full-featured business software able to perform in lockstep with the evolution of any business including retail and wholesale, integrating “brick and mortar” with e-commerce. Point of Sale (P.O.S.), invoicing, customer relationship management, inventory control, accounting and payroll in addition to financial and general business management. Everything under control.

The need for a current and concise global view of any business; in an instant is more critical than ever. We’re confident you’ll find YOUR answer here. Explore our site. You’ll find a business similar to yours. Please read our success stories. We’re proud of the positive impact of our software on businesses of all sizes and types.

We’re here to solve problems and deal with specific needs. We’d love to learn the nuances of your particular business and apply a VIGILANT solution that’s a perfect fit. Backed up by support second to none. It pays to be VIGILANT. That’s a promise.

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