Bob’s Clock Shop

Watch and clock repair and sales company launches into multi-channel selling

Selling internationally through e-Commerce provides easy and successful growth for Bob’s Clock Shop

by Andy Shaw

Bob’s Clock Shop in sunny Carlsbad, California belies its name. It’s no quaint boutique stuck in a tiny corner of a suburban mall. No, Bob Bixler’s repair and retail firm takes up 3,000 square feet of retail space and is making watch and clock sales internationally through its Web site. Bixler has increased his sales by 40% through his Internet shopping division, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bixler designed his firm’s e-Commerce enabled site with the help of the Internet Commerce Company (ICC), a Vigilant associate located in southern California.

Managing a business of that size and reach, Bixler explains, would not be possible without Vigilant.

“It would be a nightmare without it,” he asserts, “We would have to go back to a handwritten card filing system which would be overwhelming.”

Bixler has used Vigilant to build up an electronic database of 12,000 Clock Shop customers. This greatly facilitates the tracking and accounting for not only the Clock Shop’s over-the-counter sales, but also the 5,000 to 6,000 repairs and 1,000 outside service calls the company makes each year.

Joel Braunstein, marketing manager of the Internet Commerce Company (ICC) explains that his owncompany is unique, as they establish a link between the sales made through the Internet, directly into Vigilant.

“So if you sell 50 watches or clocks overnight, you’ll find those sales results already in your system the next morning. You won’t have to manually enter them and do all the calculation that go with them.”

ICC specializes in bringing such full-service solutions to medium and small-sized businesses, making it easy for them to enter the mainstream of electronic commerce almost overnight. Prospective clients can visit the ICC Web Site and click through a 9-step process, as Bob’s Clock Shop did, to completely design their own e-commerce web site. “They can be doing electronic commerce worldwide within 48 hours,” says Braunstein.

As they did for Bob’s Clock Shop, Vigilant and ICC are making sure small and medium sized businesses can keep on ticking successfully right into the 21st century.

Andy Shaw is a freelance writer, broadcaster and international journalist with articles in many business and technical publications

Andy Shaw is a freelance writer, broadcaster and international journalist with articles in many business and technical publications.

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