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Powerful Vigilant solution provides Decorators’ Choice Paint Store with full control of all business needs

by Andy Shaw

For Silvana Pace, Vigilant offers the benefits of a powerful system that gives her control of her business needs. Furthermore, Vigilant is easy to understand, an added bonus and a big help for those who may not be comfortable with computers, Pace says.

Silvana Pace is the bookkeeper at Decorator’s Choice Paint Store in Ottawa, Ontario. She’s been using Vigilant since the store first opened back in 1992, and finds it the ideal solution for her needs.

“When we opened up the business in 1992,” she recalls, “We looked everywhere for software that would do what we needed. It was difficult to find something that fit the bill – ACCPAC, for instance, was far too complex for our needs, and a US-based point of sale product we looked at simply didn’t work well. While we were looking at various software products, I had a chance to try Vigilant at a reseller’s office. After half-an-hour of using Vigilant, I was sold. Even without a manual to help me, I could easily find my way around most of its features. On my recommendation, we bought Vigilant for the new business, and we’re still really happy with the way it works.”

Even for the staff at Decorator’s Choice who are previously unfamiliar with computers, Vigilant remains simple. “Some of our staff are slightly intimidated by computers,” she explains.

But Vigilant is great – even for them! It splits everything up nicely, so the system is easily understood, and it even guides you through the software. It’s easy to set-up, and easy to use.

Andy Shaw is a freelance writer, broadcaster and international journalist with articles in many business and technical publications.

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