Revolutionize your business today with Vigilant Cloud Solutions!

Vigilant Cloud Solutions has the tools to place an even greater emphasis on Making Your Business More Competitive with our ABC Approach.

A. Vigilant Cloud Solutions provides more ways to make sales… while increasing sales with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that provides a central source of information about customers and prospects., and multiple methods to attract and service them.

B. Vigilant Cloud Solutions makes the business more productive…your employees will do more with less.

C. Vigilant Cloud Solutions reporting monitors performance in all aspects of the business…giving time to plan growth and look to the future.

The Vigilant Cloud Solutions software is a complete integrated ERP program for any. The enhancements that were provided to many other companies have been refined over many years. You can simply take that integration one giant step further…using our saving time procedures to switch to the Vigilant Cloud Solution program.

Simply put, Vigilant Cloud Solutions efficiently carries out all the functions required to manage single location companies as well as those with multiple locations or have desires to work remotely.

Vigilant Cloud Solutions

Making Businesses More Competitive

Be Vigilant…Today and Tomorrow!

Vigilant is an ideal business software application for many industries. A flexible, easy-to-use solution, Vigilant includes invoicing, accounting, inventory control, customer relationship management (c.r.m.) and financial management, as well as options for payroll, purchase order and others.

Companies that have multiple locations such as franchises can trade, share and centralize their Vigilant information, while e-Commerce businesses can link their virtual store to the brick and mortar.

  • Wholesale

    Vigilant Sales Orders Inventory Control & Accounting software has been specifically designed and developed to address the concerns of wholesalers, distributors, mail and phone order companies – virtually any type of business requiring an order taking and fulfillment process.

  • E-Commerce Web Store

    Link your virtual store to the brick and mortar aspect of your business and optimize your company’s performance with Vigilant e-Commerce software.

    Vigilant provides linking to your website, removing the tedious and often erroneous task of manually inputting sales and new customers. Updates to inventory quantities are completely automated and lost orders can be virtually eliminated, smoothing out the wrinkles for a company selling their products on the web.

  • Retail

    Vigilant provides unmatched service and software to the retail community. Proven solutions that are suitable for every sector from musical instruments and stereo equipment to hardware and home decor to clothing and footwear.

  • Manufacturing

    Vigilant’s Sales Order with the Job Costing Optional Feature is an ideal software solution for many types of manufacturers, while monitoring all critical elements to effectively manage a job.

  • Service

    Vigilant’s Sales Order with the Job Costing Optional Feature is an ideal software solution for many types of service companies.

  • Franchise

    Vigilant’s software gives franchises with multiple locations the ability to trade, share and centralize their Vigilant information. Undoubtedly, real time updating of this company-wide information is most beneficial, providing immediate availability and feedback.

  • Government

    Government stores and Vigilant software solutions are an ideal match. The needs of these retail outlets that potentially carry a wide variety of items are easily met with the flexibility of Vigilant Point of Sale (P.O.S.) and Optional Features.

  • Reseller/VAR

    Many of Vigilant’s Solution Specialists choose to implement Vigilant’s software in their businesses. Resellers and VAR’s enjoy Vigilant’s flexibility and eas-of-use.