At Vigilant Solutions, we believe every customer is unique. Prior to commencement of training, we consult with you to develop a training course specifically suited to your particular needs.

We will stress activities that gain the maximum from your Vigilant Solution so that your business is most productive and has the highest level of automation. We then consider managements’ requirements of securing the business’ assets. In particular, the day-to-day needs of the operating staff are reviewed, then the reporting needs for management control and long-term planning are considered. To round out the training program, the end-of-month procedures are reviewed.

As opposed to subjecting you to full day “crash course” training, our consultants will design a program that fits into your schedule. Learn at your own pace. A training session may last an hour or maybe only 20 minutes. You will retain what you learn!

The answer is simple. An online training program that allows the Vigilant Solutions Support Team to work one-on-one and address your specific needs in terms of training requirements and carry out these training courses when it is convenient to you.

To supplement the training, Vigilant Solutions has a built-in Training Company that uses a copy of your real company data. This allows you to learn with real-world situations for your company without the anxiety of using the real company data.


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